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We present you LLC (Limited Liability Company) “Rostplastik”. 

LLC “Rostplastik” is a long-standing workmanship. 

Working on the market since 1998, the company has gained valuable experience in the manufacture of disposable tableware for airlines and flight catering area. 

LLC Rostplastik presents a diversified product range. 

We produce disposable equipment: lunch-boxes, snack boxes, plates, little dishes, cups, disposable lids for reusable salad bowls, sets of cutlery and spices in small packing. 

Manufacturing of «Rostplastic» have certificates of quality and safety ISO 9000.

LLC “Rostplastik” has a good geographical location. 

The company is located in the central part of Russia, at the confluence of the Volga and Kama Rivers, in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan – Kazan. 

LLC “Rostplastik” has a broad geography of sales. 

Our products are supplied to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. 

LLC “Rostplastik” has modern high-tech equipment. 

The company has extrusion line (Chi Chang, Taiwan), thermoforming equipment («Kiefel», Germany), press-molds («TechnoTool», Denmark). It also has supporting machinery: compression equipment («Abac», Italy), refrigeration, measuring equipment («Piovan», Italy) and filling equipment («Omag», Italy). The workshop and warehouse area is 3000 square meters. 

LLC “Rostplastik” has a highly qualified staff. 

At present there are 50 people working at the plant. Eight of our engineering technicians have had a training in Germany in the company «Kiefel». 

LLC “Rostplastik” has a stable workload. 

Continuous flow production is organized in shifts. Every month, the company recycles 200 tons of polymer materials. 

LLC “Rostplastik” has a reliable potential. 

Capacity of the company allows us to increase production volume by 30%, which is additional 65 tons per month (10,000,000 pieces of products). 

LLC “Rostplastik” is the company open to cooperation. 

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